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VYDA Laboratories

Never-ending research without compromise 

VYDA Laboratories™ was born in Italy as a result of many years of research and careful listening to sound systems of the highest quality. The philosophy of VYDA™ is to build products of unmatched durability that deliver state of the art performance. Our products are designed and tested using the most advanced measuring tools available and based on cutting edge engineering research.

Design and technological solutions have been developed without compromise in order to achieve the highest possible audio fidelity. Our deep understanding and appreciation of the benchmarks of our industry helped us to develop innovative technological solutions and materials that make VYDA™ products the new industry standard.

An absolute reference in the interconnect field

VYDA ORION™ interconnects are made using exacting construction processes and exclusive materials. Our exclusive cryogenic treatment of conductors for the stabilization of molecular orientation improves every aspect of sound reproduction.

This process, successfully tested and perfected in our laboratories, ensures performance that far exceeds the standard method for treating cryogenic conductors. The VYDA Laboratories process consists of a controlled slow cool-down cycle from room temperature to the temperature of liquid nitrogen (-300 °F), followed by an exacting regulation process at temperatures over 100°F.

The cable design of the ORION™ line achieves stellar resolution by improving industry standards in electromagnetic and mechanical insulation of the wires, leveraging innovative geometries of the cable, and incorporating optimal values for LRC.

VYDA™ Cables are manufactured with proprietary processes and materials of exceptional purity.

VYDA ORION™ uses stainless steel AISI 303: one of the best non-magnetic materials for ensuring premium cable performance.

Our researched based solutions for eliminating spurious mechanical resonance issues enables VYDA™ cables to avoid pollution of electrical signal transmission and eliminate audible phase errors.

All connectors and terminations are developed, tested, and guaranteed for quality in our factory.

Our terminations are treated with a rhodium or silver plating process with high thickness (15 microns) to guarantee exceptional contact quality.

It’s All About the Music…

As proud as we are of our exceptional materials and innovative engineering, we know that only by listening can we guarantee that VYDA™ cables deliver music at its finest. Repeated listening tests have been performed with the input from audiophiles of marked sensitivity. Additionally, we have made extensive research to discover the special properties of world class audio products from the past and present. We are confident that VYDA™ cables will help any audio system reach its full potential for delivering captivating and enthralling musical performance.




VYDA™ Products are manufactured with proprietary processes and materials of exceptional purity.

VYDA Laboratories – Marketing and Technical Information


Via Pian due Torri, 65 00146 – Rome – Italy
Dr. Enrico Datti
phone: +39 3333169075
mail: info@vydalaboratories.com



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