VYDA - KORAL Line Power Cable


As in the most demanding engineering application, also in a Hi-End set up “nothing can be left to chance”. The power cord represents a fundamental component: it can not add anything else to the set up performances but, of course, should not worsen them.

Many environmental factors may threaten the performances of a Hi-End setup, for instance, radio frequencies and electromagnetic signals of any kind (mobile phones, wi-fi etc.) may be picked up by the connection wires, in particular by power cables.
For this reason, the power connection must assure suitable shielding (close to 100%).
Furthermore, the conductors’ section should be carefully selected based on the peculiar application.

KORAL Line Power Cable, one is designed specially for the big power amplifiers.
Another important aspect is the shielding technology: the three electrical conductors should not interact each others owing to the conductive and capacitive coupling.

The Vyda KORAL Line Power Cable satisfies the following specifications:
• 100% shielding poles;
• total shielding between the poles @-50dB;
• silvered copper conductor;
• high thickness (20 micron) rhodium-coated copper connectors;
• Proprietary Inox 303 steel satin caps for the plug.

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