VYDA - Orion Silver Phono Cable


We are pleased to introduce the Vyda Orion Silver Phono cable specifically engineered for analogue applications with peculiar constructive features and electrical parameters. As it is well known, phono cartridge signal is characterized by a very low electrical level that may reach, in some cases, the extremely low limit of aroud 0.15 mV.

In these cases, the value of signal to noise ratio of the phono cable may be quite critical perhaps leading to a strong degradation of the original signal and introducing background noise. As a result, this will lead to a significant reduction of the transparency in the musical performance.
Moreover, a compressed musical dynamics may be heard owing to spurious capacitance and inductance leading to hot-pole/cold-pole interactions.

Available in a special version with a conductor made from a fusion alloy between silver and copper. The Vyda Orion HFC line is the name of this version.

In order to prevent the above mentioned drawbacks and satisfy rigorous design prescriptions, the characteristics of Vyda Orion Silver Phono cable are briefly described in the following:

  • low electromagnetic interaction level between poles;
  • 100% insulation of both hot and cold poles obtained with three layers of shielding;
  • signal to noise ratio of 0.2 mV@-65dB;
  • interaction ratio between poles: -80 dB;
  • interaction ratio poles/shield: -75 dB @2V;
  • propagation celerity at the refractometer: 85%;
  • very low capacitance and inductance (0.01Mhom/m – 50 pF/m);
  • dielectric insulation with pure cotton fibres (low spurious capacitance index);
  • solid core silver conductors (99.999%) cryogenically treated with liquid nitrogen (15 minutes contact time).

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