Our new Series of Cables to those who LOVE what the Orion silver is doing, but want a more natural feeling and flow without compromise resolution. This cable will match most of music lovers with the Highest end of audio systems for getting greater balance and perfect tonal character with a very fast and high response. The Orion HFC incorporates a few percent of copper with most of silver in the cable building in a very unique galvanic technique. we learn the fine tuning of those materials to achieve more easy attack. Our Orion HFC cables are built with no compromise in any way.

ORION HFC is our new line of cables. Building on the ORION platform, the ORION HFC provides the same unrivaled resolution as the ORION series, with a more natural and relaxed sound.

The ORION HFC platform contains a small but measured amount of copper substrate to our pure silver ORION platform executed in a bespoke galvanic process. The process has been refined and perfected over many hours of experimentation fine tuning the process to produce a completely uncompromised experience.

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