VYDA ORION RCA cables review by Mono and Stereo

We want to start from the conclusion of the Mono and Stereo’s review:

So many times we hear how a cable`s job is only (!) to preserve what`s in the recording; adding nothing of its own and subtracting nothing. We use words like ‘neutral’ or ‘true to the source’ but it is only with cables like these that we discover a wealth of things in our music collection, things that we did`t expect and things that surprise us, upon first hearing and…make us redefine our viewpoints. Well, the VYDA ORION interconnects belong to this select group of ‘audio trailblazers’, components that push the limits in every conceivable direction and raise the overall standards.

“The level of constructional details and overall craftsmanship is stunning; add to that the extraordinary sound they exhibit: for all these reasons I am giving the VYDA ORION RCA interconnects the Mono And Stereo UPPER ECHELON award.”

Here is another excerpt from the review:

The VYDA ORION RCA makes the reproduction of even the most complex musical material seem the easiest thing in the world. These interconnects never loose control, insight or show signs of strain and compression.

They just make the music appear in front of the listener as it usually does in real life, with the eerily lifelike presence of all instruments and voices.

Their ability to preserve the natural tone and overall harmonic structure while sounding absolutely transparent, is probably their strongest point. Vocals in particular sounded shockingly realistic and possessed an incredible dose of humanness, with a complete lack of any mechanical artefacts that usually prevents us from completely surrendering our musical souls. With such superlative properties the emotional content of the musical message was indeed preserved intact and this was another strong point of this interconnect. With music, a ton of information is nothing without the emotion and the number of components that combine perfect objective/subjective performance while caring for the emotional content, is not that big but VYDA ORION RCA absolutely belongs to this selected group.

The overall sense of authority and grandeur was top notch, the lower midrange and upper bass weight and definition were excellent, same could be said for the low bass extension and control. The bass not only had power but also possessed incredible differentiating abilities and was highly nuanced, resolved and retained the characteristic natural colors of various individual bass instruments.




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